Welcome to CU!

Character University is a revolutionary series of enterTRAINment  ‘classes’ designed
to build ‘graduates’ of strong character who inspire others to lead by example.

Youth  College   Corporate


[entər trān mənt]  enterTRAINment is a powerful training experience strategically created to deliver a perfect balance of valuable content, audience entertainment and an unforgettable personality to fully engage the attendee in a learning environment specifically designed for immediate processing and lifelong retention.

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Developing Character

Develop: [di vel′əp] To bring to fulfillment.
Character: [kar′ək tər] Moral and / or ethical strength

CU believes in constant growth and therefore challenges its ‘students’ and ‘professors’ to always be working to strengthen our habits which display our morals and ethics. The goal at the end of our life is that we have no regrets – only a sense of fulfillment and peace regarding our life and legacy.

Inspiring Leaders

Inspire: [in spīr′] To breathe life into
Leaders : [lēd′ər] One who guides, influences and has power

CU programs expose the differences between a life spent existing and one spent truly living. True leaders LIVE their lives influencing others to recognize the power they have to decide to LIVE and not take anything for granted!

Unlocking Potential

Unlock: [-läk′] To set free, release
Potential: [pō ten′s̸həl] To come into being, undeveloped

CU programs attack head on the obstacles that keep many people from the awareness that they are free to create their own reality. This realization becomes powerful when the students understand that the only person that can place limitations on their potential is them!


Character University is NOT a 2 or 4 yr academic institution offering a variety of degrees of study.  We ARE a revolutionary series of enterTRAINment programs designed to inspire leaders of character who teach by example.