Garrett Childers

Speaker, Boxer, Brother & World Changer

Garrett Childers

Character University Speaker

Garrett Childers is a powerfully humble and inspirational Character University speaker from Macon, Georgia who has a gift for sharing an incredible message which resonates with youth and adults at a deeply personal level. He is a graduate of First Presbyterian Day School and is a Citizens Award winner, due to his outstanding commitment to performing community service in his hometown. Garrett founded Childers’ Children while in high school, a non profit organization with the goal of making a patient’s stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible, inspired by his many years spent as a patient and at his brothers bedside. Garrett has persevered through very unique challenges during his life that have given him wisdom beyond his years. His story includes learning to cope with an early life diagnosis of cerebral palsy and in his teens watching Austin, his best friend, big brother and larger than life hero, fight mitochondrial disease for many years until his passing in 2014. Garrett’s ability to convey his real life experience and reveal his true character even in his darkest times has impacted youth attending state leadership conferences, middle and high school students, adults and business professionals around the country. Many have experienced Garrett present the Childer’s incredible family story and he is now living his dream to share his message in order to powerfully equip others with the resiliency to weather any storm they will face in their lives. Character University is honored to have the opportunity to partner with Garrett Childers and share messages designed to develop leaders of compassion, purpose, humility and integrity.

Read below what people who have experienced Garrett’s message are saying about his story and ability to inspire positive change.

Character University was life changing! My whole life I have been "programmed" by others what to think, believe and do with my life and I did not even realize it until I heard the doctor speak. I look forward to making sure I figure out who I am and be true to myself, not just let other people make me who they are. We should not be afraid to develop ourselves and our own identity. I will never forget what the doctor taught me.

Meg, HS Junior, Aquinas Institute, Rochester, NY

My favorite Character University skit was the prisoner. He showed us what letting others tell you what you can and cannot do does to a person. I now believe in myself and will not doubt my own abilities. Doubt and "can't" builds walls that you can't easily tear down. You must believe in yourself and act accordingly. Thanks for giving me the key to be free!

Kyle, HS Sophomore, Haddam-Killingworth, CT

I really really loved every single character you did for us but my favorite character was the hockey player. The part about being your own goalie keeping you from scoring goals hit home for me because I, most of the time, am my own worst enemy. I let fear of failure and fear of what others will think of me get in the way of what I really want to do. The Character University presentations really hit me and they changed me and I can't thank you enough.

Tierra Conyers, Student, Omaha Benson HS Magnet

I absolutely loved the doctor. Thinking about how my ideas and beliefs aren't necessarily my own is something I've contemplated before but never in the capacity that was shared. It really opened my eyes to what it means to live in the 21st century and make my own decisions. So many of the controversial issues in our society could be discussed and resolved if more people took on this way of thinking. The doctor really opened my eyes to the person I want to be versus the person I thought I had to be.

Emma, Student, Merion Mercy Academy, PA

I heard Garrett’s story at a state leadership conference and it touched my life in a deeply personal way. I was amazed at Garrett’s strength as he spoke about his personal struggles and his brother, Austin’s story. Garrett showed me how to embrace my past so I was able to believe in myself again, have huge dreams and make a difference in other people's lives. Thank you, Garrett, for showing me how to cling to hope when things get tough!

Becca, High School Student, Maryland

Garrett's presentation made me reevaluate my priorities and be thankful for the life I have been given. He taught me that "Hope shines brightest in the darkest moments" while his sense of humor made his message of attacking life's challenges powerfully entertaining. Garrett shows how precious life truly is and how each person's life, no matter how short, can significantly impact many others. His message gave me inspiration and hope!

Greyson Bargeron Student, University of North Georgia

I have an extreme lack of confidence and it usually holds me back from doing things mostly because I'm afraid of what people think of me. The prisoner presentation helped me realize I have the key to making my life the way I want it to be and that it's better to do something and have consequences, good or bad, than to not do something and live with not knowing what could have come out of it. Thank you, Character University!

Mikayla, 10th Grade, Hollidaysburg Senior HS, PA

I had the pleasure of hearing Garrett speak to a group of adults recently and was touched by his story. Garrett grabs your attention and leads you on a personal journey where he demonstrates the ability to maintain a positive attitude during the most difficult times. After his presentation, I shared the story of my older brother’s death at a young age with Garrett and he was as genuine one-on-one as he was during his presentation.

David Ketter, West Point Graduate, Businessman